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You can’t hide
Behind social graces
So don’t try
To be all touchy feely
Cause you lie
In my face of all places
But I’ve got no
Problem with that really

What bugs me
Is that you believe what you’re saying
What bothers me
Is that you don’t know how you feel
What scares me
Is that while you’re telling me stories
You actually
Believe that they are real

And I’ve got
No illusions about you
And guess what?
I never did
And when I said
When I said I’ll take it
I meant,
I meant as is

Just give up
And admit you’re an asshole
You would be
In some good company
I think you’d find
That your friends would forgive you
Or maybe I
Am just speaking for me

Cause when I look around
I think this, this is good enough
And I try to laugh
At whatever life brings
Cause when I look down
I just miss all the good stuff
When I look up
I just trip over things

And I’ve got
No illusions about you…

You can’t hide
Behind social graces
Cause I don’t buy it
Like everyone else
And you can lie
In my face of all places
Just don’t
Lie to yourself

Cause I’ve got
No illusions about you
And guess what?
I never did
And when I say
When I say I’ll take it
I mean,
I mean as is…

…as is…

Ani Difranco - As Is
Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.
Oscar Wilde

14 Brilliant Bathroom Design Ideas
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In order to gain control, we must relinquish it.
Emily Thorne

Process Photos of Julie Sarloutte’s Embroidered Self-Portrait
Andrew Salomone, makezine.com

Artist Julie Sarloutte creates incredible embroidered renderings of images that can be hard to look at.

In my work I mix elements of folk and everyday imagery, often violent: disasters, war, urban repression … omnipresent in the media. Reflectin…

Destiny has two ways of crushing us - by refusing our wishes and by fulfilling them.
Henri Frederic Amiel

L A Chhay Studio

Etsy Shop

Love, love, love

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Glass Body - Wow!

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Truth is a battle of perception. People only see what they are prepared to confront.
Emily Thorne, Revenge


"I think anyone who’s perfectly happy isn’t particularly funny."

Joan Rivers, 1933-2014

So sad…Love her!!

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How to Figure Out What Your Dreams Really Mean
By Katie Arnold-Ratliff, oprah.com

During REM sleep, your subconscious puts on a fantastic show—but the plot can be tough to follow. (Why were you on a trampoline in Indonesia?) “A central function of dreams is to allow us access to thoughts and feelings we may not be aware of,” sa…


empire girls - film fatales australia  

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These are the parts of Texas that bring me peace.